Windows 9 to Offer Cloud-Based Backup Features – Rumor

Source says that Microsoft is planning to make it easier to back up files in Windows 9

Windows 9 will definitely bring quite a lot of goodies, but one great feature that Microsoft might be implementing in this particular operating system is the ability to back up files right in the cloud.

This news comes via WZor, the well-known Windows leaker who has until now provided quite a lot of accurate details regarding future Microsoft projects, but it appears that cloud-based backup functionality is still in development right now, so no other details are available.

And still, we do know that creating a backup and restoring files from the cloud will be possible in Windows 9 and such an option pretty much makes sense, especially since OneDrive is already integrated in the operating system.

At the same time, WZor says that Windows 9 will allow images of physical systems to be virtualized in the cloud, but again, no other specifics have been provided.

Windows 9 will definitely be an exciting product and a preview of this operating system should see daylight sometime next month. The preview will be available free of charge, but it could be aimed specifically at enterprises, so do not expect many of the features that we’ve talked about lately to be part of this release.

And still, with Windows 9 on the horizon, there’s no doubt that the preview will be downloaded by many, especially since everyone could do it without paying a single cent.

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