Windows 98 Solitaire Deck Helps You Waste Time Offline

A playing cards deck recreates the popular Windows 8 game

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a Linux, Apple or Microsoft fanboy because we’re pretty sure that you’ve played the classic Solitaire on Windows 98 at least once in your life.

In fact, “playing” Solitaire is the gentle way of saying that you were tiddling your thumbs all day long at work and the Windows 98 card game seemed to be the best choice for all Windows workstations at that time.

Evan Roth has created his very own Windows 98 Solitaire Deck that lets you do the same thing, but in offline mode. The physical playing cards deck comes with a price tag of $20 (€15) and is available in a limited edition run of only 500 units.

A deck can be purchased online at The Cooper Hewitt Shop, so click here to place your order right now.

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