Windows Blue Project Reportedly Confirmed by PC Manufacturers

The Windows 8 upgrade is expected to boost new PC sales, sources say

While Microsoft isn’t saying a thing about a potential Windows Blue project, the whole world is talking about it, with more or less reliable sources confirming that the Redmond-based technology giant is working on a major Windows 8 makeover.

Now “unnamed” Taiwanese PC and component makers told Digitimes that Microsoft is indeed working on a Windows Blue upgrade that would be released sometime this year.

The interesting thing is that Windows Blue is seen as a potential breath of fresh air for the ever collapsing PC industry, as Windows 8 has indeed failed to excite.

If all these rumors prove to be true, Windows Blue could hit the shelves this summer, with a public beta projected to be released for download in just a few months, as Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring the final version to the market as soon as possible.

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