Windows Blue Renames My Computer to “This PC” – Leaked Screenshot

Microsoft is preparing another unexpected change in Windows Blue

Windows Blue will clearly bring a lot of improvements to Windows 8, but here’s something quite unexpected.

A new leaked screenshot that reached the web a few hours ago shows that Microsoft is planning to rename “Computer,” the root folder of your operating system, to “This PC,” even though the reason behind this decision is pretty impossible to imagine.

In case Microsoft indeed makes this modification, it would be the second such change it makes in Windows, as the folder was initially called “My Computer” in the first versions of the operating system.

Last but not least, the same screenshot also shows that Microsoft might actually merge Libraries with devices and drives under the aforementioned "This PC" folder, most likely in an attempt to make it a bit easier for users to access music, videos and documents.

Of course, these are all just a bunch of rumors and Microsoft could make even more changes until the full version of the operating system hits the shelves.

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