Windows Blue Set to Continue Microsoft’s “Vision of Modern Computing”

The new Windows release will first see daylight next month at BUILD

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows Blue will be unveiled in preview form next month at BUILD, but Windows chief Julie Larson-Green has recently published a blog post to talk a bit about the next Windows release.

While she didn't provide any specifics on Blue and stuck to pretty vague information, Julie Larson-Green explained that Blue was set to continue “Microsoft’s vision of modern computing.”

“At the WIRED Business Conference I announced we’d share the first public preview of what we are calling internally Windows 'Blue' in late June timed with the Build conference,” she said.

“It’s an update to Windows 8 and builds on our vision of modern computing. An OS that lets apps work seamlessly together and put the things you care most about right at your fingertips. We are excited to share the next steps in this vision soon.”

Windows Blue will first see daylight next month in preview form, while the stable build is expected to be unveiled two months after that, in August or September.

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