Windows Blue Won’t Feature a Start Button

The first major Windows 8 upgrade will bring Start Screen improvements

We’ve already told you that Microsoft was looking for software development engineers to work on the upcoming Windows Blue, but it’s also very important to note that the job ad we were referring to also unveils some very important details about the Windows 8 makeover.

Sadly for so many Windows 8 users, Windows Blue won’t bring back the Start button, as according to this job posting, Microsoft will continue to work on the Start Screen.

Windows Blue will improve many of the current features available in Windows 8, including “most of what customers touch and see in the OS,” as the ad states.

This means that it will comprise a reworked Start Screen, improved application lifecycle and more personalization options.

CEO Steve Ballmer has already said that Microsoft had no intention to reintroduce the Start button on the Windows platform and, given the fact that Windows 9 is also reportedly staying away from this popular feature too, users have no other option than to go for a third-party Start Menu app.

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