Windows Blue to Be Offered for Free to Windows 8 Users

A new report claims that upgrading from Windows 8 to Blue will be free

Windows Blue remains one of the hottest subjects in the Microsoft world these days, especially because the Redmond-based technology company refuses to comment on rumors.

We’ve already told you that Blue was expected to see daylight this summer, and a new report published by Win8China now hints that it’s going to be released at absolutely no cost.

Since it’s going to be the first major makeover for Windows 8, Blue will only be available for those who have already deployed Microsoft’s latest operating system. As a result, Windows Blue is very likely to be a freeware upgrade for Windows 8 users exclusively.

A public beta of Blue is projected to hit the market in just a few months, as development has already reached one of the two stages products usually go through before general availability.

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