Windows Explorer Is the App That Crashes the Most on Windows 8

The redesigned Windows Explorer isn’t quite stable on Windows 8

Windows 8 was developed to be a more stable and faster version of the popular Windows operating system, but a report released by Soluto claims the new Microsoft OS still crashes. A lot, that is.

Truth is, it crashes 55 percent less than Windows 7, but some of the apps introduced in the refreshed version of Windows aren’t quite stable.

File Explorer, the Windows 8 Windows Explorer, is the app that crashes the most on Windows 8, the report claims, with a score of 18.3 percent.

Facebook Video Calling comes second with 18.1 percent, while Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection is third with 16.7 percent.

According to the report, Windows 8 crashes 5.4 times every month, while Windows 7 was even more unstable, with 7.1 crashes during the same timeframe of 30 days.

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