Windows Firewall Control Available for Download

It adds Virus Total verification straight from the notification dialog

Windows Firewall Control moved to a new minor build recently, one that adds a new feature and fixes a handful of issues.

Freshly available in this revision is support to check the program file on Google’s Virus Total straight from the notification dialog. Note that this action does not actually upload the file but checks the results based on the SHA256 hash of the item, thus returning the results much faster.

As far as repairs are concerned, the developer solved the problem with PageUp and PageDown keys not working in the Manage Rules screen, in some cases. Also fixed is the problem with validation failing and the inability to save a rule when edited, if there are blank spaces in the input box.

Windows Firewall Control is not a firewall per se. It is a utility that extends the functionality of the default firewall in Windows by allowing quick access to frequently used options.

Download Windows Firewall Control

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