Windows Firewall Control Receives Update

Minor build that focuses on overall functionality of the program

Binisoft released a new minor version for Windows Firewall Control application, a utility designed to extend the functionality of the default firewall solution in Windows.

The current revision brings to the table updates to the notification dialog so that it should no longer steal focus as soon as it pops up. Thus, you can continue working without interruption, even if it is displayed on top of other windows.

Starting this build, you can set the column visibility under Manage Rules from a context menu that is available on the column’s header. The settings for both the order and visibility of the columns in Manage Rules screen are saved when the window closes and restored automatically when it is loaded.

Speed of the notifications has been improved by eliminating a number of obsolete checks. Another change is updating the Akamai rule that interfered with Windows Update.

Download Windows Firewall Control

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