Windows RT 8.1 RTM Leaked Online

The tablet version of Windows 8.1 is now available for download

While Windows 8.1 RTM has been around for a while thanks to several leaks that reached the web in late August, the RT version of the update has barely made the news, as Microsoft apparently managed to keep it away from users.

Today, however, Windows RT 8.1 RTM got leaked online, so those of you who purchased an RT tablet, such as a Surface RT, can download it right away.

There are several versions of the operating system up for grabs, including ISOs that contain language packs, drivers and Office 2013, so they all seem to be the official versions of the operating system scheduled to go live in October.

As usual, Microsoft does not recommend users to install this kind of leaked versions, so it might be a better idea to wait until October 18 when Microsoft officially debuts the 8.1 update.

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