Windows RT Is an Essential Piece of a Larger Puzzle for Microsoft – Nvidia CEO

Microsoft’s new Windows RT could lead to the creation of a “wonderful PC,” he says

Many people have criticized Windows RT and its lack of applications, but when it comes to Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the new operating system is very likely to lead to the creation of a “wonderful PC.”

While we really can’t forget that Microsoft’s Surface RT packs an Nvidia Tegra chip, Huang claims that such a platform plays a key role for the Redmond-based technology giant, as it needs to make its way to all processors currently available on the market.

“I believe it is essential, strategically essential for Microsoft to be on all of the major processors in the world, surely the highest volume processor in the world, as a software company, and an operating system company. It's a market they can't afford to ignore. And so, Win RT is surely going to be an important area for them,” he said according to ZDNet.

Microsoft barely says something about Windows RT, but the tablet-oriented system has failed to excite until now, as most customers choose to purchase a device running the full version of Windows 8 that also offer support for desktop apps.

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