Windows Running on Nearly 92% of All Computers Worldwide

Microsoft’s OS remains the number one platform in the world

Windows remains the number one choice for computer users worldwide when it comes to operating systems, figures provided by Net Applications confirm, with Microsoft’s software running on nearly 92 percent of all PCs across the globe.

The statistics concern the operating system market share for the month of January 2013, with Windows accounting for 91.71 percent, which is a slight decrease of 0.03 percent over December 2012.

Mac OS X continues to be the second most popular platform out there with 7.08 percent, while Linux comes third with 1.21 percent.

Windows 7 is, of course, the top OS in the entire world with a market share of 44.48 percent recorded last month, followed by Windows XP with 39.51 percent and Windows Vista with 5.24 percent. Windows 8, the latest Windows contraption released by Microsoft, is still far away with a share of 2.26 percent.

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