Windows Store Exceeds 30,000 Windows 8 Apps Milestone – Unofficial

The number of Windows 8 apps available worldwide is getting bigger

Unofficial statistics provided by MetroStore Scanner, a third-party browser-based version of the popular Windows 8 Store, reveals that Microsoft’s new app gallery now features more than 30,000 applications.

This includes apps available worldwide, so some local versions of the Windows Store may actually report a smaller number of programs.

This news isn’t at all surprising, especially because the Redmond-based technology company has already confirmed that several hundreds of apps are submitted to the Store every day.

However, Microsoft is actually a lot more optimistic, as it hopes to see around 100,000 apps included in the Store by February 2013.

While the software giant clearly has high expectations from its Windows Store, it all comes down to the quality of the apps available on Windows 8. A game developer claims that Windows Store is full of “ugly” and useless apps, mostly because the company is more focused on quantity than on quality.

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