Windows Tablets Will Still Trail Behind Android and iOS in 2016

Tablets running Windows will barely increase their market share in the next years

Microsoft hasn’t released official sales figures for the Surface RT tablet running Windows RT, but analysts claim that its performance has been pretty disappointing so far.

Although there are several Windows tablets on the market, they’ve yet to become a serious threat for Android and iPads, so sales remain pretty low for the time being. And they will remain so until 2016, IDC said.

Apple’s very own iPad mini has increased tablet sales this year, but it also boosts iOS tablets’ market share, so they will continue to dominate the industry for a few more years.

Windows tablets, on the other hand, will barely reach a 10 percent market share by 2016, but they’ll continue to trail behind iOS and Android, IDC explained.

The Windows tablet sector, however, is very likely to be expanded soon with some new devices, including Microsoft’s very own Surface Pro that will run Windows 8 Pro and will support legacy Windows apps.

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