Windows Vista Is Six Years Old, Still a Disaster

Microsoft’s biggest flop in the OS industry has recently turned 6

Windows Vista, the product that’s considered to be the biggest flop in Microsoft’s history, has recently turned six, as the operating system was officially launched on January 30, 2007.

With Windows 8 now alive and kicking, Windows Vista is losing ground even quicker, as figures provided by Net Applications for the month of January indicate that the six-year-old software’s market share is decreasing at a very fast pace.

While Windows 7 remains the number one operating system in the world with a share of 44.48 percent, Windows Vista is still third, but only with 5.24 percent.

Windows Vista started losing ground ever since Windows 7 was officially released, with the market share falling significantly on a monthly basis.

For example, Vista had a share of 11.49 percent in February 2011, while one year later it dropped to 8.10 percent.

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