Windows XP Continues Decline, While Windows 8 Attracts More Users

New data shows that more users are abandoning Windows XP

We’ve already told you that Windows 8 was quickly increasing its market share, but at the same time, Windows XP is also dropping important points at a very fast pace.

While Windows 8 has reached a 2.45 percent market share during the week of January 20, Windows XP declined to 38.18 percent, according to the same figures released by Net Applications.

Windows XP had a share of 38.71 percent the week before, so this drop does nothing more than to confirm that many users are actually dumping the 11-year-old OS for a newer Windows version, most likely Windows 8.

Microsoft claims that 90 percent of Windows XP users have expressed their intention to move to another Windows contraption, which means that the transition to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 should be completed before April 2014 when the company would stop providing support for XP.

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