Windows XP Continues Losing Users, Shows New Report

Microsoft’s 11-year-old OS is losing ground in favor of Windows 7 and Windows 8

It’s no secret that Microsoft is struggling to move users from Windows XP to a newer operating system, be it Windows 7 or Windows 8, but it seems that the company’s efforts are now paying off.

A new report released by Opswat reveals that Windows XP’s market share in December dropped to 36.2 percent, while Windows 7’s increased to 53.8 percent.

Windows Vista continues to be the third most popular OS in the world with a share of 8.1 percent, while Windows 8 is still far away with only 1.3 percent.

As for North America, Windows 7 is still the top choice with 48.3 percent, followed by Windows XP with 37 percent and Windows Vista with 13.4 percent.

A separate report released by Net Applications for December 2012 revealed that Windows 7 topped the global market with a share of 44.71 percent, followed by Windows XP with 39.82 percent.

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