Windows XP Is Three Times More Likely to Get Hacked Than Windows 7

Microsoft rolled out the new Security Intelligence Report Volume 13

According to data released by the Redmond-based technology firm, Windows 7’s malware infection rate skyrocketed this year, with official figures showing an increase of 182 percent in 2012.

Interestingly however, Windows 7 is still a very safe working environment as compared to Windows XP and Microsoft says that this last version of Windows is two to three times more secure than the 11 year-old version.

Microsoft stated in the report that Windows 7’s infection rate climbed by as much as 182 percent in the second quarter of this year, as compared to statistics released in the same period last year.

“There are several factors at play here. In XP, for example, we've seen infection rates go up because of particular pieces of malware that are more effective on that platform,” Tim Rains, director of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group, was quoted as saying by ComputerWorld.

“[And] in different places in the world, [users'] ability to keep Windows up to date varies greatly.”

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