Windows XP Migration to Go Well Beyond Microsoft’s Deadline – Tech Expert

Moving users from XP to a newer OS will take longer than expected

Even though Microsoft is encouraging Windows XP users to dump the 11-year-old operating system and switch to a newer Windows version, not everybody is listening. At least, not for the moment.

Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E, one of the companies that will assist enterprise customers with their migration from Windows XP, says the entire process will take longer than expected and it’s very likely to go well beyond April 2014, the date when Microsoft will cease support for the OS.

“Many companies are only now putting together very large and costly projects where they will send people to every desktop and laptop to upgrade to Windows 7. This is going to take months if not years, and certainly go well beyond April 2014, as well as affect productivity. At least half a day will typically be spent on each PC or laptop, disrupting users,” he was quoted as saying by InformationWeek.

In the meantime, Windows XP remains the second most popular operating system in the world, with a market share of 39.08 percent for the week of January 6.

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