Windows XP SP4 Concept Could Be a Really Successful Windows 8.1 Successor

Designer creates a modern interpretation of the classic Windows XP

Many users out there believe that a modern version of Windows XP would have a much bigger success than the existing flavors of Windows, especially because the aging OS build has basically everything you want, including an easy-to-use UI, a Start Menu, state-of-the-art reliability and support for older hardware.

p0isonParadise has created an interpretation of such a project, revamping the Windows XP interface with several modern elements, including a flat design inspired by the Modern UI.

No Aero is available in this concept, which could be a sign that users are no longer addicted to these particular visual effects, especially because they are no longer available in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Last but not least, this new Windows XP version would be able to run Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Media Player 12, which according to the designer would be quite a great way to make an old operating system a lot more successful.

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