Windows XP Users Don’t Know How Hard It Is to Move to a New OS, Expert Says

It takes a lot of time to migrate to another platform, he explains

With Windows XP’s end of support quickly approaching, some users are yet to consider their options, most likely because they think that there’s still enough time to migrate to a newer platform.

But experts warn that the transition for Windows XP to another operating system takes a lot of time, mostly because of the overall complexity of the process, especially when company applications are involved.

“Businesses may not realize the complexity of migrating to a new OS,” said Brad Mendonsa, Clare Computer Solutions CEO, said in a statement. “Because the migration involves detailed planning, creating a budget specific to a company's needs, testing, implementation and training, it's important for companies to begin now.”

Windows XP is powering 28 percent of computers worldwide, so it’s unlikely to see all users jumping ship by April, despite Microsoft’s efforts to emphasize the risks of staying with an old OS.

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