Windows XP Users “Not Interested” in Windows 8 Upgrades – Analyst

Users won’t move to Windows 8 because Microsoft is telling them to, an analyst believes

Microsoft’s biggest challenge after the Windows 8 debut is to convince Windows XP users to make the move to its new OS, as the 11-year old software is not a secure working environment anymore.

But although the Redmond-based technology company is constantly urging consumers to dump Windows XP, they’re not quite interested, Andy Trish, managing director of software reseller NCI Technologies, told IT Pro.

“The only thing that will force a [mass] change from XP will be if someone finds a security or operational hole that can’t be plugged and affects the way they work. Anti-virus companies will still write cures for a virus that may affect XP, so that scare tactic won’t work,” he said.

Microsoft will officially stop providing support for Windows XP in April 2014, so moving to a newer Windows version is a crucial task for most users of this platform.

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