XYPlorer 11.10 Sports Individual Preview Windows

Introduces features for better preview, zoom in and data deletion

One may think that file managers have reached their apex in as far as features and improvements are concerned, but one could not be more wrong. XYPlorer, despite reaching version 11.10, still manages to come up with new, interesting and useful options.

The new release introduces a new preview pane, Floating Preview, with support for transparent images. It can be used on all types of images as well as for everything the operating system can generate thumbnails for (HTML, PDF, MPEG, DWG, etc.).

Another feature is “Mouse Down Blow Up,” also supported in Floating Preview, which allows you to zoom exactly into the area of the mouse cursor.

The third new feature available in XYPlorer 11.10 is called “Delete Long.” Its purpose is to delete files and folder with paths longer than 260 characters. Using it causes the data to be eliminated completely, without being dumped to Recycle Bin.

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