XYplorer 10.70 Released

New feature available for Pro edition, “Flat View” becomes “Branch View”

A new build for XYplorer has just been released, and the list of modifications contains only three entries. There are no bug fixes in XYplorer 10.70, but the developer added a new feature, called Tabsets and improved visual filters (support environment variables and XYplorer native variables).

Another change in the latest version is the fact that “Flat View” feature receives a new name, “Branch View”. The reason for this is that the original term has been trademarked by a product of the same feather (Directory Opus). The feature would list all the contents of subfolders in a single list. Both “Branch View” and “Name Search” options can be used in the case of servers.

Tabsets, the new feature introduced in XYplorer 10.70 is available only in the Professional edition. Its purpose is to allow you to save and load the tabsets of a pane, complete with tab and list settings and content (cached search data, find settings, homes, history, etc.).

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