XYplorer 11.90 Released

Adds preset filters for easy and quick identification of files

It is hard to believe that a mature file manager like XYplorer can receive new features and yet the developer manages to add new stuff quite often.

Version 11.90 of the application ups its functionality by developing new options in various features. This time around the developer introduced a powerful set of filters that allow you to identify items easily based on preset parameters such as modification date, file size and type.

The parameters for the visual filters have been extended and the feature now also supports attributes, size, date and age.

Also new is the possibility to paste multiline clipboard content into the edit box in the case of inline rename feature for the file tree and list. Excluding items from search now also supports files and file types, not only folders.

At the moment, buying a Home Edition license gets you almost all the features available in the Pro version and only some advanced features are excluded.

Download XYplorer; also available in portable form.

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