XYplorer 12.0 Available for Download

It changes license, adds interface translation tool, multilingual support

XYplorer received an update today, incrementing the version number to 12.0. Despite being a major release, it does not bring to the table any new features touching on file management.

But it does include significant modifications. Starting this revision, the only license available will be the Standard one, available for $ 29.95 / €24.95. Users that have purchased a lifetime license are in no way affected by this change. They will be able to update XYplorer at no additional cost.

XYplorer 12.0 adds the possibility to analyze file names and convert them to ASCII (Cyrillic to Roman transliteration included).

Also new in this release is multilingual support, as the developer provides translations for French, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Editing a translation or even creating your own version can be done through the Interface Translation Tool.

Download XYplorer; also available in portable form.

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