XYplorer 12.10 Released

Move zoomed images from a touch screen, increased language support

Although it is jam-packed with features for both beginner users and more seasoned ones, the development for XYplorer continues with the release of version 12.10.

Despite being a minor release, the developer managed to introduce important new capabilities that increase the functionality of the application.

The fresh revision improves language support by allowing users to download the language file from the server and load it in the interface on the spot. Additionally, zoomed images in the preview screen can be moved on touch screens, too.

Third on the list of modifications for this revision is an entry relating to Access Control feature. XYplorer 12.10 allows using both environment and native variables when defining AllowedDirs and DisallowedDirs.

This improvement is specifically useful in corporate environment as it permits assigning account-specific user rights.

Download XYplorer; also available in portable form.

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