Yahoo Sports for Windows 8 App Now Available for Download

Yahoo brings a new application on Microsoft's new platform

Yahoo has just released a new application for Windows 8 users, but as compared to the Mail tool that's freely available to everyone, the Sports app is a Lenovo exclusive.

This means that Yahoo Sports can be installed on Lenovo Windows 8 devices exclusively, so the app won't show up on Microsoft, HP or Dell computers running the new operating system.

Yahoo Sports is a freeware piece of software that provides live scores, sports news and live coverage of NBA, NFL and NCAAF games. It offers support for all Windows 8 devices, including desktop computers and Windows RT tablets.

Microsoft hasn't said anything on the possibility to see this app available to all Windows 8 users, but Yahoo Sports would most likely remain a Lenovo exclusive for a few months before it eventually goes live for everyone.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of Yahoo Sports for Windows 8 in your browser.

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