Yes, Windows 8 Is Really That Simple – Video

Microsoft rolls out new video to show that Windows 8 is a pretty user-friendly OS

We’ve heard so many times that Windows 8 is a confusing operating system that it’s becoming a bit funny, especially since most users are actually complaining because of the lack of a Start button.

But it appears that Microsoft has found the best way to show everyone that Windows 8 is really a very simple operating system. So simple that even a kid could use it.

A video recorded by Microsoft Portugal in a Lisbon store shows how a kid could teach those uninitiated to use Windows 8, perfectly explaining that Microsoft’s new operating system isn’t such a pain in the neck. It’s just a matter of time until you get used to the changes.

And if we are to trust Julie Larson-Green’s statements, two weeks should be enough to discover all the hidden goodies of Windows 8. Even though some more advanced users could do it in just two days…

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