Yet Another Story Proving That Former Windows Boss Wasn’t a Team Player

Sinofsky wasn’t getting along with anyone within Microsoft

Two women are now in charge of Microsoft’s Windows division, but the mystery behind Sinofsky’s departure continues to deepen.

Several Microsoft insiders have hinted that Steven Sinofsky wasn’t getting along with the other executives within the Redmond-based technology company, so CEO Steve Ballmer had no other choice than to fire him.

A new story published by the New York Times comes to confirm that Sinofsky wasn’t a team player.

Earlier this year, the former Windows boss attended a conference in Washington State where he was supposed to hold a keynote on his projects, alongside some other high-profile Microsoft execs.

While all the other officials held their speeches, Sinofsky told the audience that he had nothing to share and if someone was really interested in the Windows 8 project, the Windows blog was the right source of information.

He left the next day, while all the other Microsoft execs had spent several days in the resort to discuss the company’s projects.

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