Zemana AntiLogger Released

It fixes several crashes affecting IntelliGuard warning system

Zemana rolled out a new update for their AntiLogger utility, which is designed to prevent keyloggers of any kind from recording the activity on your computer.

The new version is Zemana AntiLogger and it integrates repairs targeting the stability of IntelliGuard warning system (cloud-based). The developer also worked on fixing incorrect text on protection page.

Less significant modifications available in this release of Zemana AntiLogger refer to updating Japanese and Turkish language files.

Users should receive the new update this week but you can also download the fresh version and install it over the previous one.

The efficiency of Zemana AntiLoggers in the fight against keylogging threats relies on behavior analysis. This makes it a worthy ally, capable of terminating the activity of complex malware seeking to seep out private information from your computer.

Download Zemana AntiLogger

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