avast! Browser Cleanup Disables Unnecessary Add-ons in Browsers

No installation required, offers community reputation information

If you followed the beta releases for avast! 8 line of products, you already know about the newly included Browser Cleanup tool. The fresh utility is available as a standalone product and it is designed to strip your web browser of any unwanted toolbars.

avast! Browser Cleanup (no installation required) provides an easy way to view all the add-ons and extensions available in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and lets you disable them.

Furthermore, if you are unsure of the utility of such an item, you can check the opinion of the community through the reputation system.

Browser Cleanup from avast! can also rest the web browser to the original settings, which means reverting to the default home page and search provider.

Although browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already implemented restrictions for third-party extension installations, some of them may still find their way into your web navigator. avast!’s tool gathers and presents information about extensions and add-ons from all installed browsers.

Download avast! Browser Cleanup

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