foobar2000 1.2.3 Beta 3 Released

Developer focuses on FLAC decoding improvements

A new beta has rolled out for foobar2000. This is the third one and it might also be the last before we see a stable release.

The developer focused on bringing to the table improvements regarding the decoding of FLAC format, which offers lossless audio compression.

On this note, beta 3 for foobar2000 includes a work-around for specific broken files that produced loud glitches.

Also, available in this revision are SSE optimizations, designed to counter any slowdowns resulting from the aforementioned improvement. Furthermore, starting this release there is a new component (File Integrity Verifier) that will detect such files.

In previous betas the developer updated the code for FFmpeg to version 1.1.1 and solved the problem with DLLs colliding with other software by giving FFmpeg DLLs unique names.

foobar2000 is available for download from this link; during installation you can choose to make it portable.

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