uTorrent 3.3.1 Beta Updates to Build 29105

Silent auto-update code has been merged in this release

The latest revision for the beta version of uTorrent comes with a short list of changes, most of them being repairs.

The developer worked on fixing the flushing of the completed pieces and this action should now occur on the spot. Also repaired is the GDI leak that emerged upon resizing the application window.

Last on the list of repairs is a problem with disk flushing, which would not trigger when it was supposed to.

Also on the list is a change that touches on the silent auto-update mechanism, whose code is now merged into this release. Silent auto-updates is also the objective for the beta build. Since the code is now available in uTorrent beta, a test period should follow, although it may not be too long until we see the application move to the stable release.

You can find the full list of modifications on this page.

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