uTorrent Client for Windows 8 Updated and Released for Download

A new version of the application has recently landed in the Store

While there’s no standalone BitTorrent client available on Windows 8 platforms for the time being, the uTorrent Client is one of the best choices to connect to the uTorrent WebUI and manage the active torrents.

The application has been updated a few days ago, so it now features documentation to help those looking for assistance, as well as some new features.

The app is now able to add torrents from .torrent files stored on the local PC, while the help files are available via the “Settings” charms.

Last but not least, the full-featured version of the application now costs only $1.99 (€1.50), while the trial build allows users to give a spin to the available features for a maximum of 7 days.

Click here to view the uTorrent Client Windows Store page in your browser.

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