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Keep your computer protected, schedule daily or weekly scans, create restore points, and set the real-time protection level using this antivirus

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Virus protection is vital when it comes to keeping your system running smoothly for longer periods of time, especially if the computer in question is connected to the Internet.

Viruses, trojans and vast amounts of malware float around the world wide web, none of which can be detected without protection, until it is too late.

Secure your system against all kinds of malware attempts

AVETIX Free is an antivirus utility designed to protect your system from any type of malicious software that might put your files in jeopardy. Beside the real-time computer protection, you can also perform complete, in-depth scans of your operating system, secure your Internet connection and keep an eye on the registry activity.

Furthermore, the application allows you to personalize the scan process, in order to include only specific folders and avoid performing a time-consuming full scan. You can choose whether to include documents and compressed archives in the process, the maximum file size and the default action taken when confronted with a possible threat.

View reports and manage the quarantined files

When an infected file is detected by the antivirus, you are given the choice to either remove it entirely from your system, or move it to the quarantine, where it is kept from infecting other parts of your computer as well. You can view these files inside the application, along with their date, threat description and filename, while also having the possibility to delete or restore them, in case you are certain they are false alarms.

In addition, every action undertaken by you or by AVETIX Free, such as updates, scans or blocked threats, is actively logged and available for viewing in the Reports section. You can also view statistics regarding the total number of malicious files detected over certain periods of time.

Closing arguments

Thanks to the hefty virus definition database and responsive real-time protection, AVETIX Free makes a strong case for itself, as long as it keeps receiving regular updates to deal with newer threats. Furthermore, it treads lightly on your system's resources and it even comes with a gaming mode, which further reduces the load on your computer and allows you to use it without sacrificing any performance.

AVETIX was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 24th, 2015
AVETIX - AVETIX helps you protect your computer against viruses, trojans and other forms of infection.AVETIX - AVETIX can be configured to perform custom scans, choosing between specific folders, file types or disk partitions.AVETIX - You can choose the folder or file to analyze and configure the scanning options before starting.AVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIXAVETIX

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