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Detects and eliminates Worm/Sober.J, Worm/Sober.P, Worm/Sober.Y and Worm/Stanit.A worms and helps you repair infected files using minimal user intervention

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Windows computers are exposed to a wide range of threats on a daily basis, starting with Internet browsing, receiving infected email attachments or accessing a poorly-protected network.

If the installed antivirus solution does not seem to properly detect and block the malicious items, a dedicated removal tool might succeed.

AVIRA Removal Tool detects and eliminates Worm/Sober.J, Worm/Sober.P, Worm/Sober.Y and Worm/Stanit.A worms. All users can rely on this application to protect their systems from such threats, since no expert skills are required.

The advantages of being portable

There is no installation process to worry about when it comes to the AVIRA Removal Tool. One simply needs to download the executable file, run it, and start scanning. Its interface features a single window with a brief presentation of the software.

It is important to mention that the utility doesn't leave any traces in the Windows registry, You may copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices and take it with you whenever you need to remove viruses on the breeze.

Scan and result options

When the scan process starts, the software app thoroughly checks the system for the already mentioned dangerous worms, and the duration of this scan depends on the size of the hard drive. Once the process is complete, the results are presented in a clear and concise form.

Kill malicious processes and repair infected files

The purpose of AVIRA Removal Tool is to kill the active process of any malicious activity found on an operating system, but it also has a simple repairing function - to fix infected files that were not too affected by the worms.

In addition, as some viruses are more complex than others, some antivirus software solutions might not be able to absolutely delete all their traces, and that is why AVIRA Removal Tool aims to detect non viral files and to remove them from the computer system (including from registry files).

An overall efficient and reliable removal tool

To conclude, if your computer has become the victim of a resistant worm that cannot be removed the traditional way (i.e. using the antivirus tool), then AVIRA Removal Tool can be of use for both detecting the threat and repairing the infected files.

AVIRA Removal Tool was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 26th, 2014
AVIRA Removal Tool

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