Avira Server Security

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A security software solution for Windows servers, ensuring prompt malware detection and virus removal, with low impact on system resources

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Avira Server Security is an antivirus and anti-malware security suite that can provide your Windows server with protection against virtual threats.

The program is easy to install, in either express or custom mode (recommended for advanced users), and the GUI is standard. It should be easy for any user to get around Avira Server Security, but there's also a Help Topics section you can inspect.

Once you have selected your user account, you can view the current status of Avira, including real-time protection, last full system scan, last update, statistics, and alerts.

Scanning can be either done on local drives, removable drives, the Windows system directory, My Documents, active process, or you can manually select folders, as well as perform a complete system scan.

Once you have selected a scanning mode, you can view its progress in the Scheduler section. For example, if you simultaneously select two different scans, the Scheduler will start one immediately, while the other can either start right away, or ran at a later time. Here you can also edit the scan job - job name and description, type of job, available profiles, and time.

The Reports section is the place where you can view the results, whether a scanning detected something, or if an update was successful.

A scan job takes a really long time to complete, especially if you have opted for a full system scan. Infected files can be deleted, moved to quarantine, renamed or repaired.

The AntiVir Server tool has the job of defending the Windows server against viruses and malware, while the Server Console can be used for protecting and managing your servers.

All in all, Avira Server Security is an effective tool against viruses, although sometimes its responsive time is not so great. But it is definitely a reliable security application worth taking into consideration.

Avira Server Security was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 6th, 2015
Avira Server Security - Avira Server Security will provide users with a first-class antivirus solution, ensuring permanent protection for Windows ServerAvira Server Security - The Profile menu will allow users to select the scan type of their preferenceAvira Server Security - Users will be able to insert new or edit their jobs within the Scheduler section of the main interfaceAvira Server Security - screenshot #4Avira Server Security - screenshot #5Avira Server Security - screenshot #6Avira Server Security - screenshot #7Avira Server Security - screenshot #8Avira Server Security - screenshot #9Avira Server Security - screenshot #10

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