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Still trying to get rid of spyware and your full-time antivirus is not able to help you this time? Maybe you should try some dedicated products designed to identify and remove malware infections.

Such a software is Anti-Trojan Elite, a security solution that was designed to find and erase spyware from your computer. It targets trojans, worms, keyloggers and provides the ability to terminate suspicious TCP connections.

The interface is probably the thing that may disappoint most users, as the application's looks may give the impression it is unfinished. The main functions are, nonetheless, at hand, easily accessible from the side menu.

Anti-Trojan Elite has a pretty good feature list and it boasts some additional tools besides the one that's supposed to find and remove spyware. For instance, you can repair Internet Explorer if there's something wrong with it, perform backups, fix registry keys, optimize the system or manage the running services.

The main function, that of identifying and removing malware, has several types of scans available. During our tests, however, we found the scanning process to be rather lengthy when inspecting only the process memory and the partition where the operating system is installed.

Overall, Anti-Trojan Elite comes with a decent set of features that, besides malware detection and removal, includes useful registry monitoring, backup and network management. The scans may take a while, but as a complementary utility it can prove its worth when used alongside your regular, full-fledged antivirus solution.

Anti-Trojan Elite was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 19th, 2012
Anti-Trojan Elite - The main window of Anti Trojan Elite allows users to view the tools they have in hand to protect their computer.Anti-Trojan Elite - From this window of Anti Trojan Elite you can easily view details regarding the hosts from your network.Anti-Trojan Elite - Here users can view information concerning the processes that are running and thread count.Anti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan EliteAnti-Trojan Elite

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