Avira AntiRootkit Tool

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A simple-to-use application that detects and removes active rootkits from your system quickly and with minimum effort on the user's behalf

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Avira AntiRootkit Tool is a straightforward piece of software that detects and removes active rootkits from your system. It includes a standard set of options that can be configured even by less experienced users.

The interface is represented by a user-friendly window, consisting of a single window with direct access to all main features.

You can ask the anti-rootkit tool to scan files, the Windows Registry and processes, as well as to perform a fast scan or cover all drives.

In the main application window you can view detected hidden objects, along with their status. It is also possible to view details and a report, as well as to send selected or all items to a quarantine.

Avira AntiRootkit Tool uses a low amount of CPU and RAM, has a good response time and finishes a scan job in reasonable time. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. The only downside to the app is that it cannot work independently, as it requires one of the Avira Antivirus products installed beforehand.

Avira AntiRootkit Tool was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 18th, 2013
Avira AntiRootkit Tool - Avira AntiRootkit Tool will enable you scan your computer and find any active rootkits on your system.

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