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A user-friendly and lightweight application functioning as an antivirus solution, that can keep your computer safe from outside attacks

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DWS Antivirus is a very simple to handle piece of software created to help you secure the integrity of your system and of your personal data by protecting you from a wide array of dangers, like trojans, spyware and other forms of malware.

Clean and neatly-structured user interface

The application features an intuitive and straightforward appearance, its looks making it accessible for novices as well as more experienced individuals.

The main window allows you to choose the component you want to tinker with, be it the ‘Performance’ or the ‘Scan’ tool, just by clicking on it. It also features a series of 'Options', for instance the ability to list your computer' operating system and version, or the current user.

Analyze your computer for threats while also enhancing its performance

If you wish to determine your computer current status and search for existing perils, hidden alongside your regular files, you can select the precise system drive that you want to target and DWS Antivirus will thoroughly analyze its contents, identifying the existence of any danger and helping you remove it, if encountered.

However, this is the only type of analysis that you can work with. As such, you do not have the option of scanning a single file, for example a recently downloaded program to make sure it is not infected, so you need to rely on the utility 's ability to heuristically detect a threat.

From the ‘Performance’ section of DWS Antivirus, you can remove your browsing ‘History’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Internet Temporary Files’, ‘Form Data’ or ‘Password’. Similarly, you can run a ‘Full Clean’, which also gets rid of the files and configuration of your addons. This aims to improve its speed and stability.

A user-friendly security solution

In summary, DWS Antivirus proves to be a useful albeit rather basic protection instrument, whose main purpose consists of preventing your system from becoming infected with outside threats, also cleaning the ones it finds on your PC.

DWS Antivirus was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
DWS Antivirus - The main window of DWS Antivirus allows you to review your protection status and perform scans or performance improvementsDWS Antivirus - The PC Cleaner section enables you to delete your browsing history, cookies, temporary files or form dataDWS Antivirus - In the PC Scanner window, you can choose the system drive that you want to analyzeDWS Antivirus

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