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You can use this efficient and intuitive application to perform security checks of your computer, to ensure your files and programs are risk-free

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Exedb Anti Malware Scanner is a reliable and easy to understand software solution whose main purpose is to offer you the ability of verifying that the various processes running on your computer have not been infected.

The program is fairly simple to work with, requiring a minimal level of experience in using similar tools. After launching it, its main window displays the date of the last performed scan, while also allowing you to run a new analysis, featuring three options, namely 'Quick Scan', 'Smart Scan' and 'Custom Scan'.

When using the 'Quick Scan', Exedb Anti Malware Scanner will only analyze the memory area, displaying a progress bar to let you know how long before it completes the process. It enables you to learn the number of scanned items and the amount of objects that are infected, if any, along with the corresponding threat level ('Low', 'Mid' and 'Hi').

The 'Smart Scan' will perform a verification of the programs that are currently loaded in the computer's memory, as well as the files from the system folder and the registry. After finalizing each step, Exedb Anti Malware Scanner will let you know of the status of each one and whether there were any infections detected.

Last but not least, the 'Custom Scan' enables you to check a specific folder and determine if it poses any threat to your computer security. The utility allows you to decide what happens to any discovered infection, meaning you can either 'Delete The Threat File Immediately', 'Quarantine Threat File' or 'Leave Threat File'.

Moreover, the application features a scheduler that lets you set up regular 'Quick Scans' or 'Smart Scans' to occur on particular days of the week and at certain hours, so as not to interfere with your usual activities.

To conclude, Exedb Anti Malware Scanner is a useful and efficient tool that is meant to assist you in protecting your computer from virus infections, trojans, malware and other virtual dangers.

Exedb Anti Malware Scanner was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Exedb Anti Malware Scanner - Exedb Anti Malware Scanner is a powerful tool that enables you to scan your computer for viruses or other threats.Exedb Anti Malware Scanner - You can choose to delete the infected file immediately after identification, to quarantine it or to do nothing about it.Exedb Anti Malware Scanner - You can set the program to perform automatic scans of the computer at certain times on selected days.Exedb Anti Malware Scanner - screenshot #4Exedb Anti Malware Scanner - screenshot #5

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