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F-Prot includes the RealTime Protector, a memory-resident monitoring utility observing all files accessed on your system, a Scheduler where automatic scans or updates on your system can be set with the Scanner at any time and an Updater to manage all sign

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows, built on the award-winning F-PROT Antivirus scanning engine, is one of the most advanced antivirus software applications on the market today.

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows is a quick, powerful and easy to use software that provides you with an automatic realtime detection and removal of viruses. It is also a strong solution against other types ofmalware from files and e-mails. New and unknown threats are detected with F-PROT Antivirus advanced heuristics technology, providing the strongest possible defense available for your laptops and your desktops.

With these improvements, F-PROT Antivirus for Windows builds on its traditional competitive advantage of reliability, ease of use and exceptionally low resource consumption to provide a uniquely secure, efficient and usable, yet affordable, antivirus solution.
Last updated on December 4th, 2011
F-Prot Antivirus - The main window of the application allows you to view the status of the program and the virus definition date.F-Prot Antivirus - Here you can view the status of the automatic scanners that monitor the file system, the e-mail program and the Internet Explorer.F-Prot Antivirus - Although it is not recommnded, the user can easily change the settings of each scanner.F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #4F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #5F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #6F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #7F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #8F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #9F-Prot Antivirus - screenshot #10

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