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Protects your computer against viruses and spyware without slowing the machine down with the help of this intuitive piece of software

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F-Secure Antivirus is a security system that assists you in removing viruses, spyware and other infections from your computer.

After a long installation process, the software performs an automatic update, which takes a long time as well. Once you have initiated F-Secure Antivirus, you are acquainted with ad user-friendly interface.

There aren't many features available in the antivirus system, so beginners should not have a difficult time understanding how it works.

In the main window you can access the current status of the virus and spyware scanning, of the scheduled tasks and DeepGuard, but you can also view general statistics.

Virus and spyware scanning can be enabled to scan and remove viruses from e-mails but also block tracking cookies, while DeepGuard can be set to use advanced process monitoring.

Scheduled scanning can be performed once or at a regular time interval, even after the computer goes into idle mode, while manual scanning can be configured to scan only known file types (which is faster), scan inside compressed files, or to use advanced heuristics (which is slower).

You can run a scan for viruses and spyware, a full system scan, or a customized scan. A full system scan takes a long time to complete, but F-Secure Antivirus is thorough.

Furthermore, you can change connection settings, restore or delete a file or program that has been quarantined, and allow a program to start if it has been blocked by F-Secure.

F-Secure Antivirus proves to be a reliable antivirus system that uses a moderate amount of computer resources, although other processes run slower.

F-Secure Antivirus was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 1st, 2015
F-Secure Antivirus - The application's main window displays info on the computer's security status and offers fast access to different utilitiesF-Secure Antivirus - The Tools tab allows users to scan their computers, to download the cleanup tool, and to view application permissions and quarantined itemsF-Secure Antivirus - Users can access the Statistics tab to learn more info on the suspicious application activity on their computersF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure AntivirusF-Secure Antivirus

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