Max Secure Internet Security

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A powerful and intuitive application that helps you keep your system secure from various malware threats, viruses or dangerous websites

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In order to ensure the protection of your computer, you firstly need to secure your Internet connection, as this is the main way of infiltration for viruses and malware threats.

Max Secure Internet Security can help you achieve this. This versatile piece of software allows you to keep your computer secure, by filtering network traffic, as well as preventing malicious programs from running.

Fast and reliable computer protection tool

The application provides you with an efficient way of monitoring and protecting your computer from malware attacks. By filtering any incoming connection, the program ensures that your computer does not receive files that might contain malware or virus threats. Each Internet protocol is attached with a predefined set of rules so that you do not have to configure each one in particular.

Furthermore, the program applies a set of rules for any other of your applications, in case any of them tries to access malicious sites or potentially dangerous files.

Handy network monitor and malware detector

Max Secure Internet Security can prevent dangerous Internet scripts and other threats similar to phishing. By scanning webpages while you browse, the application can prevent access to potentially harmful websites.

On top of that, the program also blocks advertise banners from displaying their content, which can lead to dangerous websites sometimes. As a plus, incoming and outgoing emails are scanned, along with their attachments. This ensures that the messages you receive are genuine and no misleading or harmful content is received on your computer.

A powerful antivirus utility and firewall scanner

To conclude, Max Secure Internet Security offers you a complete and efficient suite of tools designed to keep your computer safe from any type of Internet threat or malicious file. By monitoring your network, it keeps you safe from any dangerous files that might damage your computer.

Max Secure Internet Security was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
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