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A handy app to clean your PC of malware

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There's no doubt every computer out there needs a full-time antivirus solution to keep malware at bay, but when it comes to removing malicious files that are already on the system, things can get a bit more more complicated.

Multi Virus Cleaner is one of the apps that could assist you when it comes to getting of specific dangerous files. This application comes with a powerful detection engine that targets the most popular threats out there and this can make it less reliable when it comes to finding the most recent viruses.

You can successfully use Multi Virus Cleaner to get rid of baddies like Bagle, Blaster, Klez, MyDoom, Netsky, Sasser, Sobig, Welchia or Zafi, just to name a few.

The software has a nice and clean interface, providing four different scan modes, as it follows: quick scan, full scan, deep scan and custom scan to let you check just a specific area of your computer. Plus, it gives you the option of scanning the memory and also have the app look for spyware files.

Multi Virus Cleaner is quite OK when it comes to system resource usage, but when running a deep scan with the extra options enabled, we noticed a rather high load on the test computer.

All things considered, Multi Virus Cleaner can be a great helper if you find yourself struggling to eliminate malware threats difficult to remove by other antivirus products. The program is very easy to use and works pretty fast as well so it is well suited for all user categories..

Multi Virus Cleaner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 12th, 2013
Multi Virus Cleaner - The main window of Multi Virus Cleaner enables users to hcoose the type of scan they want to performMulti Virus Cleaner - Before performing a custom scan, you need to choose the folder you want to analyzeMulti Virus Cleaner - You can access the Settings section when you want to make sure you get asked before any infected file gets deleted

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