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A tool to help you keep away from viruses.

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No Autorun is a simple security solution to help you stay away from viruses that usually spread through USB removable devices, once the Autorun is initiated.

The application not only blocks Autorun instances, but also scans for suspicious files, letting you know every time a removable drive may be infected.

Of course, it also provides a bunch of tools to cope with suspicious files, including a file removal utility, an unlocker and a separate feature to quarantine all malicious content.

No Autorun quietly sits in System Tray and comes into play once you connect a new removable drive, preventing infections from running and locking the Autorun.

The application boasts a fairly rich configuration screen, with dedicated tools to disable Autorun completely but keep the CD-Rom autorun enabled. Plus, you can scan all disks at start, open the disk folder when a USB disk is inserted with or without a delay, keep the window minimized and prompt at exit.

No Autorun is quite easy to use and you should encounter absolutely no problem, mostly because it does the whole job automatically, with minimum user interaction.

In addition, No Autorun runs on low computer resources and comes with separate builds for 64-bit versions of Windows, which means it can work on virtually any Windows flavor.

Overall, No Autorun is a smart choice that comes in a lightweight package and keeps you away from dangerous files.

No Autorun was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 10th, 2013
No Autorun - No Autorun will open in your system tray giving you access to all of the application's options.No Autorun - You can easily customize No Autorun by using the Config window.No Autorun - You can check the monitor state by using the designated window.

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