Panda Quick Remover

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A free tool from Panda Anti-Virus that automatically repairs infections

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Panda Quick Remover is a small utility designed to remove certain infections from your computer, providing a quick scanning system to make sure you're on the safe side.

You don't even need to install the application, because Panda Quick Remover comes as a separate executable file that needs just a double-click to load. That's really a handy feature, especially because virus infections may sometimes ban the installation of antivirus products.

Panda Quick Remover has been developed as a wizard, so it's enough to follow a few steps to make sure the computer is not infected.

The scanning process goes blazing fast and the computer isn't stressed up at all during the process, but we still recommend to avoid working on the system while performing a scan.

Panda Quick Remover is able to detect several famous infections, including Lirva, Datom, Bride, Opaserv, Frethem, Dadinu, Lentin, Stator and Reeezak, and since it's designed to find just a limited number of malicious files, a virus definition updater is not included.

There's one major thing to be mentioned here: Panda Quick Remover is not an antivirus product and although it claims that your computer is entirely clean, you should still install an antivirus application. Panda Quick Remover doesn't provide real time protection, but it’s still a good idea to use if for casual scans.

Overall, Panda Quick Remover is a handy utility designed to make sure your computer is on the safe side, relying on a straightforward wizard-like interface to serve its purpose.

Panda Quick Remover was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 26th, 2013
Panda Quick Remover - The removal tool has a wizard interface that will guide you through all the steps required to clean your computer.Panda Quick Remover - This application will perform a quick scan of your computer and try to detect the virus in the most frequently infected files.Panda Quick Remover - It is recommended to perform a full scan of your computer on a regular basis in order to keep your files clean.

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