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A lightweight application that you can use to immediately detect the presence of the Computrace / Lojack spyware on your laptop or desktop PC

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Computrace Lojack Checker is intended to help you discover traces of the Computrace Lojack anti-theft mechanism on your system. Studies have shown that while this technology can prove extremely useful in determining the location or a stolen computer, its functioning mode might be exploited by cyber criminals to gain remote control over the PC.

Simple to use and minimalistic set of options

The application is very easy to work with and aims to detect the presence of the Computrace Agent within the system registry. No installation is required, so you can access it in an instant.

Its interface is simple, comprising one button designed to answer a single question: is your PC 'lojacked' or not? Pressing it instructs Computrace Lojack Checker to start analyzing the system registry and the running processes, in order to identify traces of Lojack.

Analyze the registry and edit the HOSTS file to block the Computrace Agent

If the Computrace Agent is launched on your computer, the registry should contain the 'rpcnet' and the 'rpcnetp' services and processes with the same name should be running. If such entries are not found in the registry, the application shows you a message stating that no surveillance traces are found and that everything is fine.

In addition to analyzing the registry and the running processes, Computrace Lojack Checker can also edit the HOSTS file of your PC so as to block all communications between the local system and the Computrace servers. This should actually be the first step to take if the aforementioned registry entries are found.

Detect the presence of the Lojack anti-theft system on your PC

While the Computrace anti-theft mechanism is a great tool when used solely for finding the location of a stolen PC, its security vulnerabilities and the principles it relies on can turn it into a dangerous exploitation instrument.

The purpose of Computrace Lojack Checker is not to remove the Computrace Agent, but to find indicators of its activity. As such, this application only checks your registry and launched processes so as to find symptoms of the Lojack agent. The only active measure it takes is related to editing the HOSTS file so as to block data sent to the Computrace servers.

Computrace Lojack Checker was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Computrace Lojack Checker - Computrace Lojack Checker is a handy application that can check whether your computer carries the Lojack spyware or not.Computrace Lojack Checker - After analyzing your system's registry, Computrace Lojack Checker tells you whether your PC is safe or not.Computrace Lojack Checker - Computrace Lojack Checker can also be used to edit the HOSTS file in order to block certain servers.